Fully Embedded Application

By utilizing key elements of your Procore project information, Prelien Pro is able to dynamically manage your complete lien document process. Extracting data from your prime contract, project details, schedule of values, and project directory, create an entire snapshot of your company's lien documentation with just a few clicks.

  • Leverage Procore project information to complete preliminary notice requests
  • Eliminate multiple data entry
  • Generate lien waivers from new embedded application
  • Easily request escalations on slow pay or no pay projects
  • Catalog incoming preliminary notices from lower tiered subcontractors or suppliers
  • Communicate errors on preliminary notices directly to your subcontractors and suppliers
  • Project directory is automatically ingested into Prelien Pro for easy tracking of inbound notices and waivers
  • Dynamically create job information sheets and email them directly from Prelien Pro to your subcontractors and suppliers